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Orders and Shipping

We accept credit or debit card (Visa or Mastercard for online purchases). Payments with credit or debit card and online payments require 100% of full payment.

It takes around 7-14 days for your cabinets to be shipped. The delivery time will depend on the type of delivery you choose. All lead time are estimates; KOB Cabinets cannot guarantee specific deadlines and recommend that the buyer not schedule installation until the buyer receives Product. 

Click on the bottom “My Account” on the upper right side of the website to access or create a new account.

Send us an e-mail to if your order hasn’t shipped yet. We cannot change or edit an order if this has already shipped.

We will be sending you e-mails regularly as your order is accepted and shipped.

No, unless you decide to save that information on your account.

The buyer shall pay to KOB Cabinets any and all sales taxes, excises or other charges upon or measured by the production, sales, transportation, delivery or use of the merchandise sold that KOB Cabinets is required by any national state, or local government to pay or to collect.

We ship anywhere in the U.S. The shipping cost will depend on the State and number of of cabinets in the order. KOB Cabinets contracts shipping services through many of common carriers for outside of Vermont sales. We will find the best deals for the carrier for your order and email you the tracking when the order is ship out. 

Returns and Exchanges

All items are design and special order, therefore they are final and no returns or exchanges are accepted.

Please double-check when you receive the order that you have all the cabinets you purchased. If there is a wrong or missing item, it must be noted on the delivery slip and signed by the buyer and delivery driver. Contact us immediately and we will then send the correct or missing item. KOB is not responsible for any shortage of items that is not noted on the delivery slip. Once you sign for delivery, your are accepting and agreeing that everything on the list was present and delivered.

Please carefully inspect the order upon delivery for any visible signs of damage. If there is none, then sign off on the driver’s delivery slip. If there are damages, take clear pictures of any damage sections. Make clear notes of the damaged item(s) on the driver’s delivery slip. Contact us immediately to start the claims process. Do not reject damaged items.

Any concealed damage of un-assembled and assembled cabinets must be reported within 15 days of delivery by filling out a claims form and submitting it to along with at least 2 photos. Do not install, assemble, or modify any defective or damaged product as it will automatically disqualify the item for a claim.

Please send us an e-mail to

Customer may cancel orders without charge within 2 days of placing an order. KOB Cabinets will refund the process within 5-7 business days.

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